The Saturday Creativity Quote — on theme

Mountain view, through trees

When you’re thinking about a new story — whether you discover your story in the form of a plan or outline or in the form of sentences and scenes, whether you decide on a theme or watch it emerge — this is wise advice.

“What do you care about the most, right now, as you plan a new story? What hurts? What makes you really angry? There will be something in your life, or in the life of a friend, or in the news, that sparks an idea in your mind. Maybe it ties in with another idea, and so a third, new one is born?”

– Anne Perry, The Writer, November 2011

The Saturday Writing Quote — on theme

“People ask me when I start one of these projects, what is your theme I haven’t the faintest idea. That’s why you’re writing the book, it seems to me, to find out. To me, it’s a journey. Its an adventure. Its traveling in a country you’ve never been in and everything is going to be new, and because of that, vivid. And don’t make up your mind too soon. Let it be an experience.”

– David McCullough, American historian and author