The Saturday Creativity Quote — on persistence

I’m sure you’ve had the experience editor, author, and teacher Tiffany Yates Martin describes in this post on persistence: Knocking your head against the wall — figuratively, we hope — over some element of your craft that continues to trouble you. You work hard on it, and you get better, and yet — that’s the thing that tests you, over and over.

These things that vex you now aren’t because you haven’t learned well enough or don’t have enough talent or skill or experience. They will likely always trouble you from time to time—because this is what a creative career is, just like getting and staying in shape. You have to keep doing hard things because it’s the only way to get you where you want to go. … We may keep making the same mistakes, facing the same challenges, and missing the same blind spots in our work. Persisting doesn’t mean that you get to the point where that never happens. It means that when it does—and it will…it always will—you know how to fix it and have your tools at hand, maybe not immediately, but eventually.”
– Tiffany Yates Martin, What It Means to Persist

Me, I think that element that continues to test you is probably one of the things you do best and care most about, which is why you so want to get it right.

(Photos taken by the author at Roozengarden, Mount Vernon, Washington.)

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