Food Lovers’ Village Mysteries
“It takes a village … to catch a killer.”




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As The Christmas Cookie Crumbles


In small towns and big cities alike, secrets abound … 

Join me and Erin Murphy, star of the Food Lovers’ Village Mysteries, as we unravel mysteries big and small in the tiny town of Jewel Bay, Montana, a lakeside resort community on the road to Glacier National Park.

Then journey with me to Seattle, where Pepper Reece and the crew at Seattle Spice in the venerable Pike Place Market explore secrets of the past and the present, in my Spice Shop Mysteries.

I love taking readers to these oh-so-memorable places, introducing you to their intriguing inhabitants and digging into their hearts and minds. And if I can make you think, laugh, and feel a bit hungry all at the same time—well, then, we’ve got the perfect author-reader friendship!

Pour a cup of tea and come on in!

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And watch for The Solace of Bay Leaves in June, 2020!

Click here to download my FREE short story – “Miss Starr’s Good-bye,” a Stagecoach Mary story, first published in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, Nov-Dec 2019.

Miss Starr's Goodbye

We’ll trek back in time to Montana Territory in 1885 with the intrepid Mary Fields and the Ursuline Sisters at St. Peter’s Mission and the ranchers, settlers, and natives of the nearby community. 

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Spice Shop Mysteries
“Just a pinch of murder…”

assault and pepper

Guilty as Cinnamon

Killing Thyme

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