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Where I’ll be: 

Like most of you, I’ll be staying home this winter and spring, writing, reading, and doing my best to stay positive, creative, and connected. I’ll be doing some online library and bookstore events this spring, to celebrate the launch of BITTERROOT LAKE; stay tuned for details.

Sisters in Crime members can catch me on the SinC YouTube channel, sharing a SINC-UP writing tip, and also watch my archived webinar on Common Mistakes Writers Make About the Law.

Let’s Zoom! Or visit via FaceTime! If you’d like me to visit your library or book club, or speak to your writers’ group or service club, drop me a line.

The only drawback to online book club meetings? You have to bring your own snacks!

It’s such a treat to visit libraries, booksellers, and book clubs across the Treasure State. No town is too small—I learned quickly when my first mystery came out that the smaller the town, the bigger the welcome. And boy, can you people cook! From Whitefish to Superior, to Dillon and Billings—so much fun.

I hope to catch up with you somewhere soon!

Remember you can find me sharing recipes and talking food on Mystery Lovers’ Kitchen on the 1st, 3d, and 5th Tuesdays. Visit my blog for insights about the writing process, weekly quotes for writers and other creative folks, and tidbits about my books and other bookish stuff. And if you’re on Facebook, join me on my Author page for book talk, giveaways, recommendations, and more.

Where I’ve been: 

Spice Up Fall!—online library event
7 pm Mtn
Mon Nov 16
Bozeman Public Library
The mystery and cooking clubs meet together to cook up some serious fun!

Building Character—online workshop
7 pm E/5 pm Mtn
Thursday, November 12
Low Country chapter, Sisters in Crime

Bigfork Art & Cultural Center
3 pm, Sat, Oct 24
Book launch talk & signing
Socially-distanced fun in the heart of the Village!

Common Mistakes Writers Make About the Law
Sisters in Crime online webinar
7:00 pm E/5:00 pm Mountain, Tuesday, October 20, 2020
SinC members can access the recording from the SinC webinar archive. 


2020: What a lovely way to end a difficult year, seeing The Solace of Bay Leaves on librarian, reviewer, and book goddess Lesa Holstine’s list of her Favorite Books of 2020. And what amazing company!

Mystery Writers of America is the country’s oldest organization devoted to serving mystery and crime writers, both fiction and nonfiction. I’m pleased to have been elected to a second two-year term, for 2021-22. I chair the Diversity & Inclusion Committee, whose purpose is to guide MWA’s efforts to seek and welcome writers from marginalized and under-represented communities into the organization, to advocate for equity and inclusion within the industry, and to support our members when related issues arise.

You love short stories, right? Watch for the Jan-Feb issue of Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine and my short story, “Coming Clean,” the third “Stagecoach Mary” Fields story, a followup to last year’s Derringer-nominated “Miss Starr’s Good-bye” and “All God’s Sparrows,” the winner of the 2018 Agatha Award for Best Short Story.

And in September, Library Journal gave The Solace of Bay Leaves a starred review, calling it “a complex, well-developed mystery,” and saying “Readers attracted to unusual settings and mature, introspective amateur sleuths will appreciate this intricately plotted story depicting the impact of murder on the family and community.”

Regular gigs: Find me on Killer Characters: Where Characters Do the Talking, on the 27th, and on Mystery Lovers’ Kitchen on the 1st, 3d, and 5th Tuesdays.

If you’re a writer, check out my Law & Fiction blog for updates on using the law in your fiction.

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And a bonus: A Cup of Tea and a Cozy Mystery: lovely photos of ASSAULT & PEPPER in a most cozy setting!

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If you’re a blogger interested in a guest post or interview, contact me at:
leslie AT lesliebudewitz DOT com (no spaces)


2019 News: In what I’m calling “Leslie’s Lucky Week,” my short stories took the stage: First, “With My Eyes” (Suspense Magazine, Jan-Feb 2018) won the 2018 Derringer Award, given by the Short Mystery Fiction Society, in the long story category. A Seattle banker falls for a beautiful Greek woman and sees what he wants to see, until he takes an eye-opening trip to Athens. See the list of nominees and winners here.

Then, “All God’s Sparrows” (Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, May-June 2018), won the 2018 Agatha Award for Best Short Story. In Montana Territory in 1885, real-life historical figure “Stagecoach Mary” Fields and a young Ursuline sister meet a young half-breed woman and her daughter in desperate straits and devise an inspired solution. Nominees and winners here. 

And “A Death in Yelapa: A Food Lovers’ Village Short Story” appears in the new anthology Mystery Most Edible: Malice Domestic 14 (Malice Domestic/Wildside Press), published in May 2019.

Crime Reads asked the Agatha Award nominees to gather for a round-table conversation about our genre, the traditional mystery.

 “All God’s Sparrows,” my first historical short story, is nominated for the 2018 Agatha Award for Best Short Story! You can read it through the link on my home page. See the full list of nominees, including links to the other short story nominees, on the Malice Domestic website.

2018 News: In January 2019, I’ll be joining the national board of Mystery Writers of America as a member-at-large.

And my second Mary Fields short story, “Miss Starr’s Goodbye,” will appear in Alfred Hitchcock in mid 2019.

Assault & Pepper, the first Seattle Spice Shop Mystery, is featured in the American Library Association’s Book Club Central’s “Mystery Across America” summer reads! And it also got a shout-out in a recap of mysteries set in Seattle, light and dark, by Jim Thomsen, written for the Sleuthsayers blog.

My first historical short story, “All God’s Sparrows,” appeared in the May-June issue of Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. (My name even made the cover!) Set in 1885 in territorial Montana, it features a real-life woman named Mary Fields, known as Stagecoach Mary and Black Mary, who encounters a bleak situation on the prairie, and finds a crafty but humane resolution. Read a brief review here. 

My short story, With My Eyes, appeared in the Jan-Feb issue of Suspense Magazine (subscription only). It’s set in Seattle and Athens, and was inspired ages ago by our honeymoon trip to Athens. The Greek gods and goddesses were often tricksters, and if one still roamed the earth, she might be called Melina…

That trip inspired an earlier story as well, “The End of the Line,” published in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine in 2006. In 2015, I recorded a podcast of the story—I read, followed by a short interview with AHMM editor Linda Landrigan. (Free download.) My husband and I were walking the paths between the stone houses of Vathia, on the Mani Peninsula of Greece, overlooking the Mediterranean. I glanced down, and saw a spent shotgun shell. How did it get there?

I’ve been re-elected to serve a second year as the Montana representative to the board of the Rocky Mountain chapter of Mystery Writers of America. 2017 was the first year for state reps to the board, which has typically been filled with Denver-area members, since most meetings and events occur there. We celebrated in Montana with a popular panel at the Montana Book Festival in Missoula in September, featuring Montana authors Gwen Florio and Christine Carbo, Denver author and chapter president Mark Stephens, and me.

2017 news: 
The smaller the library, the bigger the welcome. What a great time at the Mineral County Library in Superior — we even made the front page of the local paper!

I’ve joined the board on the Rocky Mountain Chapter of Mystery Writers of America, as the Montana representative. You’ve got to love MWA’s motto: “Making crime pay since 1945!”

2016 news:  What fun it was to wrap up the year by chatting with Wendy Kendall and Julie Cooper, about writing, reading, Sisters in Crime, and more. Listen free via Sound Cloud: Kendall & Cooper Talk Mysteries with Leslie Budewitz

I was beyond thrilled to be featured in the Seattle University alumni magazine! (flip to pp. 42-43)

All three Spice Shop mysteries make the October bestsellers’ list at Seattle Mystery Bookshop! And Killing Thyme stays on the list in November.

Laura Brennan and I have a lovely conversation about mysteries and more on Destination Mystery.

I’m on the radio! Stream my archived interview on Birds on A Wire, on Whitefish Community Radio.

Audio book lovers! Tantor Audio will publish audio versions of the Seattle Spice Shop Mysteries! ASSAULT AND PEPPER will be available June 7, 2016, and GUILTY AS CINNAMON on July 12. The audio of KILLING THYME will be released simultaneously with the paperback and electronic editions, on October 4, 2016.

The Montana Talking Books Project, formerly the State Library for the Blind, will record DEATH AL DENTE this summer.

Great news for the new year: ASSAULT AND PEPPER tops the 2015 Bestsellers list at Seattle Mystery Bookshop! Thank you, Seattle readers!

2015 News: GUILTY AS CINNAMON joins its sibling, ASSAULT AND PEPPER, as a national bestseller. Thank you, lovely readers! And Wheeler Publishing will publish the large-print edition in August, 2016.

I’m pleased to be one of the authors reviewer Oline Cogdill says, in the December 2015 issue of Mystery Scene Magazine, “know how to integrate humor in a light mystery without sacrificing the seriousness of the genre.” It’s a tricky balance, but one I work hard at.

I’m delighted with this profile in the Montana Lawyer, the state bar magazine, “Montana lawyer turned author serves up delicious stories in a pair of mystery series.” (Turn to page 18)

The Big Thrill, the International Thriller Writers’ monthly, includes a fun interview with me in its December 2015 issue.

In October 2015, at Bouchercon, I became president of Sisters in Crime. And in November 2015, Mystery Writers of America announced that Sisters in Crime will receive MWA’s Raven Award for outstanding achievement in the mystery field outside the realm of creative writing.

The Cut Bank Pioneer Press highlighted my October 2015 visit to the Glacier County Library and their cookbook sale, raising funds for the library with an amazing sale of donated cookbooks!

The bloggers of the Mystery Lovers’ Kitchen are featured in Mystery Readers Journal’s Culinary Crimes issues. Here’s part 1, featuring Sheila Connolly, Peg Cochran, Victoria Abbott, and me, sharing a recipe and dishing on why we write mysteries with food.

So wonderful when a reviewer likes his second taste of your work even more than the first! The Billings (Montana) Outpost reviewer calls BUTTER OFF DEAD “a tasty treat,” in the paper’s annual book issue.

My short story, The End of the Line, first published in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine in December 2006, is now available in a free podcast. I read, followed by a short interview with AHMM editor Linda Landrigan. My husband and I were walking the paths between the stone houses of Vathia, on the Mani Peninsula of Greece, overlooking the Mediterranean. I glanced down, and saw a spent shotgun shell. How did it get there? This story is my answer.

The Bigfork Eagle reports on the third annual Bigfork in Paint and Print exhibit, in June 2015, at the Frame of Reference Gallery, and the opening night party and book signing.

In June, ASSAULT & PEPPER topped the Seattle Mystery Bookshop’s mass market paperback bestseller list for the fourth month in a row! Thank you, Seattle readers!

Lawyer and radio host George Yates interviewed me on his weekly show, Justice for All. We talked about the law and crime fiction, my book, BOOKS, CROOKS, AND COUNSELORS, my advice for writers, and more.

I’m delighted to be a contributor to two new cookbooks: THE COZY COOKBOOK Berkley Prime Crime, April 2015) and MYSTERY WRITERS OF AMERICA COOKBOOK (Quirk Books, March 2015), which received this delicious review in Paste Magazine, quoting me on the role of food in mysteries.

ASSAULT AND PEPPER is officially a national best-seller, reaching # 32 on B&N’s mass market paperback fiction list! (That’s among all fiction, not just mystery.) And in regional news, it topped the March, April, and May mass market best-seller list at Seattle Mystery Bookshop! The Seattle Times shared the news. Thank you, readers!

The Billings Outpost ran a fun interview with mystery writer Tracy Weber and me, celebrating our return to our shared hometown for a terrific afternoon at B&N, a reporter Steven Dow reviewed ASSAULT AND PEPPER, finding “Little to fault in ‘ASSAULT.’ Read the interview and review here: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4.

And another Billings reporter interviewed us as well, for the Last Best News. And a local TV station got in the act, too, with a piece called Two Authors, One Genre. 

Thorndike Press will publish a large-print edition of ASSAULT AND PEPPER in June 2015.

In January 2015, Leslie joined the crew at Mystery Lovers Kitchen. Eight mystery writers cooking up crimes … and recipes!

2014 News: In November, 2014, Leslie was elected Vice President of Sisters in Crime.

Making Murder Palatable” – feature interview, Daily Inter Lake, January 2015

Murder Most Tasty” – Missoulian feature article celebrating Crime Rib

Award Winning Mystery from Bigfork” – Flathead Beacon feature

Listen to Leslie on The Write Question, a program of KUFM, Montana Public Radio

Leslie Named “Best Local Author” by readers of the Bigfork Eagle