De-Kindled — but still in print and on Nook!

You may be aware that about a week ago, Amazon pulled all Kindle versions of books distributed by IPG, a distributor of books from more than 500 small and medium-sized publishers. As a result, nearly 5,000 titles became unavailable for Kindle — including Books, Crooks & Counselors.  Here’s a recap of the dispute, although I understand it actually goes beyond e-books to print editions as well.

But reference books are particularly handy in print, and Books, Crooks & Counselors is easy to browse, with a terrific index if you’ve got a specific topic in mind.

So this is a great time to buy a print copy of Books, Crooks & Counselors from Barnes & Noble, Powell’s,, or your favorite independent mystery or general bookstore. (The print edition is also still available from Amazon.) Or consider the Nook version.