Eyes of a Pedophile — a great reference

My friend and sister-member of the Authors of the Flathead Betty Kuffel has just published a new book, Eyes of a Pedophile: Detecting Child Predators.

Betty is a medical doctor who worked for many years in trauma and emergency medicine.  That work regularly brought her into contact with crime victims–and ultimately gave her unparalleled access to Nathan Bar-Jonah, a notorious child predator who most likely was also a killer and a cannibal. Betty uses her personal interviews with Bar-Jonah, local law enforcement, and other witnesses, along with medical records and legal transcripts, and her research into pedophilia–that is, predatory child sex abuse. Her book is an excellent reference for writers as well as for parents, teachers, and other readers who want to know more about the Bar-Jonah case, but even more importantly, how to identify pedophilic behavior and protect children. Her blog includes several chilling audio clips of Bar-Jonah himself.

Eyes of a Pedophile is available for the Kindle.