The Saturday Writing Quote — on magic and hope

Creative work — no matter what the medium — challenges us to dig deeply into life, into our experiences both our own and not our own. To think and feel deeply, and share our findings through our work.

“People are primarily motivated by a sense of meaning. We want to lead a good life. How do you live a good life if you haven’t thought deeply about life?”
– David Brooks, columnist and speaker, speaking at the University of Montana, 9/10/18, quoted in The Missoulian 

(Photo by Rebecca Bauder)

The Saturday Writing Quote: Going Home Again

“Going back is a creative process. The events of childhood are like the Hebrew alphabet; the vowels are missing, and the older self has to make sense of them. Robert Frost’s famous poem about the two paths diverging in the woods isn’t only about the two paths. It also describes how older people go back in memory and impose narrative order on choices that didn’t seem so clear at the time.”
— David Brooks, in the New York Times, 3/20/14, in an essay called “Going Home Again,” inspired by a TED talk by Sting, describing how going back to his childhood helped him return to songwriting