Saturday Creativity Quote — on meaning and connection, and Left Coast Crime

Moonrise over Swiss Alps -- author photo

“Art in general reminds me that there are things we call meaningful. Time is an impersonal force, and life itself can feel airy and insubstantial, but when I hear a song that I love, something catches and holds me the way gravity holds us to the ground. There is resonance; there is traction.”

– singer/songwriter Dar Williams in How to Write a Song that Matters (2022), quoted by Kathryn Craft on Writer Unboxed, 11/10/22

Going to Left Coast Crime in Tucson next week? Let’s talk! I’ll be at Author Speed Dating Thursday morning, on the food and drink panel Friday at 4:00 (wrapping up just in time for happy hour!), and moderating a discussion of political and social issues in crime fiction at 10:15 Saturday morning. Cozy author Emmeline Duncan and I are co-hosting a banquet table that evening, and we’d love to have you join us!

(Photo: Moonrise over Wengen, in the Swiss Alps; author photo)