Saturday Creativity Quote

Tulip Festival, Roozengarde, LaConnor, Washington

I needed to read this. Maybe you do, too.

“[A]llowing yourself to feel pride and delight in your craft is what keeps you coming eagerly back to it day after day, which is what keeps you constantly improving.

Be honest with yourself: How do you feel when your daily writing time approaches? Are you chomping at the bit to get in there and start weaving your imaginary worlds? Or do you dread it, worrying about whether you’ll hit your word count, whether you’re any good, whether the story is working, whether anyone else will ever read it or like it?

Which approach do you think is more likely to entice you back to the desk? Which do you think is more likely to put you in the relaxed, open state of mind required to tap into your fullest, freest creativity? …

Let yourself love what you do.
– writer, editor, and teacher Tiffany Yates Martin, newsletter, 4/4/24