The Saturday Writing Quote

Bitterroot Winter, by Rachel Warner (collection of the author)

“[L]ove what you do. If you don’t love it and find it all rather lonely because it is, find something else. Most of all, use what is already there. You cannot reinvent the conditions you are in, but these conditions are your fuel – anger, frustration, despair, revenge, love, silliness, need. and writing is your way to clarity, to understanding what is important. That is its power.

Know this in your heart. No one gives you power freely. You have to take it. Then own it. And whatever fee they offer you, ask for more.”
– Suzanne Moore, British journalist, The Guardian, “Find A Room of Your Own: 10 tips for women who want to write”

The Saturday Writing Quote — on doubt

WPA steps, Bigfork (photo by author)

“Once I decided to just embrace the good doubt as part of my creativity, it made it a lot easier to spot when the good doubt started to turn to bad doubt. I was able to use (and celebrate!) the good doubt—because that’s where the genius happened!—and stop the bad doubt in its tracks when it tried to rear its ugly head. It let me question and improve my plot, my ideas, the way I phrased things. without doubting myself.”

Melissa Haveman, writer and coach

The Saturday Writing Quote

“When I’m working, I’m simply working, setting up problems visually that need resolution. In the process, I’m looking for resolution to conundrums in my life, questions in my life, as well as visually looking for problems that I can fix.”

– the late Montana artist Rick Barstow, profiled in The Missoulian, 11/15/19