The winner of FETA ATTRACTION by Susannah Hardy is…

Feta Attraction Cover“Sometimes the spice of life is death…”

Ready to hear who won the signed copy of FETA ATTRACTION by Susannah Hardy? Cheers to…BARBARA HAWK!

Please send your mailing address to me at leslie (at) lesliebudewitz (dot) com by May 30 to claim your prize. Or else my supervisor will stare at me until I pick another winner!

Book two in the series, OLIVE AND LET DIE, out this fall—pre-order it now, online or from your local indie. (Yes, they can place pre-orders, too!)

Butter Off Dead (final)cat on desk#butteroffdead

Photo: Ruff the Cat, aka the Supervisor, the model for Mr. Sandburg in my Food Lovers’ Village Mysteries.

BUTTER OFF DEAD, July 2015 (available for pre-order now!) And hear Erin tell you a little about the Food Lovers’ Film Festival today at Killer Characters!  

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