Collecting Can Be Murder — Molly MacRae — #bookgiveaway

Molly 1We’re celebrating the upcoming release of my third Food Lovers’ Village mystery, BUTTER OFF DEAD (July 7—save the suspense and pre-order it now!), with a glimpse of some of your favorite authors’ prized collections.

Today, a pair of collections from Molly MacRae, author of the Haunted Yarn Shop Mysteries. KNOT THE USUAL SUSPECTS, #5 in the series, will be out in September—beat the rush and pre-order it now!Knot_the_usual_suspects-93x150

“I don’t think of myself as a collector, so imagine my surprise when I realized I have several small collections. How fun is that? Here are pictures of three of them.

The first is an inadvertent collection of odd and old cookbooks, including a government pamphlet called How to Cook Clams. People keep giving me things like that. The picture of this collection could be called “Cookbooks with Incipient Cat” (notice the advancing paw in the lower left corner).

Molly 2The second collection can be called “Kitchen Flora and Fauna.” Here we have a fox and hedgehog salt and pepper, a cat creamer, a monkey peeler, a squid baster/brush, and a banana pot handle – all attractive and useful.

Molly 3The third picture shows the only collection I set out to make and it’s either funny or off-putting, depending on your reservoir of sophomoric humor. When I was a student in Scotland, back in the mid-70s, I collected pieces of toilet paper from famous places – partly because it was a cheap souvenir, partly because the toilet paper was interesting, and by interesting I mean strange. It was exactly like the tissue paper we wrap presents in and some of it came printed with helpful information like “Government Property” or “Medicated.” As you can see, I labeled the pieces. One of them is from the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh, the place where Sir Walter Scott revealed he’d written the Waverly novels – so this is, in part, a literary collection. I thought I had more pieces of loo paper, but now I seem to remember sending some of them home to my parents and I suspect they were “lost.” The moral of that story is that one person’s collection raises another person’s eyebrows and ends up in the bin.”

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88 thoughts on “Collecting Can Be Murder — Molly MacRae — #bookgiveaway

  1. I used to collect McCoy Pottery but I felt like I should use it. So I turned to 1950’s sweaters instead…the short ones that button up the front which look great with skirts…thanks for the giveaway…

  2. I am loving reading all the different collections. It is bringing back memories of so many things from when I was younger. I used to collect postcards from different states but my favorite was from the Holiday Inn. It had the “innkeeper” holding a lantern.

  3. The toliet paper from different places was a good idea and I love that monkey peeler. Thank you for the chance

  4. Those are definitely some interesting collections. I don’t know that I would have ever thought of collecting toilet paper from different places before.Thanks for sharing your collections and thank you for the chance to win.

    • Using my mother’s rolling pin or the wooden spoon her mother brought when she came to visit after I was born give me that feeling, too.

  5. I collect Sudoku puzzle books. I have one in every room. You can never had too many puzzle books. Thank you for the chance to win this giveaway.

  6. The title is awesome! I can’t wait to get into the book! With as many books as I have, want, and are reading it’s a scary thought I might not get through them all!

  7. Love the Loo paper collection! Still giggling. I have a spoon collection that I’d like to retire but none of my kids (all boys), grands/greatgrands are interested.
    Your books sound terrific!

  8. Would love to read this book! I have the first two in my tbr stack and hope to add this one and read several together. Toilet paper is an interesting, new idea for collecting, which tells me this will be a great, innovative series. Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. I’ve never heard of a toilet paper collection but I guess that is what makes us all unique. Thanks for the chance to win.

    • Hasn’t it been fun to see the variety? Two more authors to go, then you’ll get a glimpse into my treasure trove!

    • I guess it might be the only one in the world, although knowing how many strange things there are out there, it probably isn’t. Thanks for stopping by for the fun today.

  10. This would be my first book by Molly and I look forward to it. I don’t have any serious collections, but I am trying to collect as many Cozy Mysteries as I can. I wasn’t aware of the genre until about 6 months ago, but I have about 15 so far, and, I am loving them. Thank you for the chance to win this giveaway.

      • Ah, Ruth, once you’ve come over to the cozy side, it’s hard to get out. Usually because two or three cats have climbed into your lap and someone is plying you with tea. It’s a great place to be!

  11. I have seen a lot of different things people collect but I will have to say that collecting toilet tissues is very unique : ) Thanks for the fun giveaways!!

  12. You have some great collections. I have a few things that are sixty or seventy years old like a plate from my dad’s old restaurant, a ice cream soup and a juice squeezer, I also have several old drip coffee pots that I display.

  13. Congratulations on your July 7th release Leslie! Thank you for the chance of the give-of-way…Molly’s books are a hoot!

  14. I have collections of many things. Antique postcards, I have certain areas of interest, especially photo cards. I seldom buy them today because of the price. Old office supplies, not vintage, but antique. Books, definitely collect books. Nonfiction and mysteries. Old and new books. Old knitting patterns, somewhere in a box are fifties patterns. I love the patterns from the twenties and thirties, and have lots of 1970s and 1980s. I think I will stop there. Yep, definitely time to end my list.

  15. I cook less & less these days but cookbook collection keeps growing. I tend to want the older used ones as opposed to new ones.

  16. i seem to remember receiving a few letters, from friends, traveling in europe, written on toilet or loo paper!
    love the hedgehog!

  17. I love the collections! I especially love the kitty paw. The kitty just wanted to be in the picture! Thank you for this chance!

  18. I only collected one sheet of toilet paper…from the loo at London Zoo. It was rough. Next trip I took my own tp. Judy D.

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