Saturday Creativity Quote — Jung on creativity and play

“The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.”

— CG Jung

Words, stories, memories? Colors, shapes, the intervals between sounds? Play, and find what you love.

(Alpine Moon, Wengen, Switzerland; photo by the author)

4 thoughts on “Saturday Creativity Quote — Jung on creativity and play

  1. Leaving this here because your email link in your about didn’t work for me: delete if appropriate. Thought you would like to know – most people don’t bother to report things like that, so I do.

    Delighted to find another SU alumna who writes. 1972 BS in physics here, went on to MS and PhD in Nuc. Engr. at Wisconsin-Madison. You?

    I liked your take on prologues at WU, and that you took the time to answer Don (who I admire greatly but was too discouraging on prologues which, as you stated, can be necessary – as much as the often-dreaded and oft-misused semicolon).

    I wrote this there:
    “You can see both prologues in the Look Inside feature on Amazon for each book (I only have the two, working on the third).” (under my full name)

    Thank you for your kind response.

    • Thanks, Alicia. SU 81, BA English and Philosophy; Notre Dame Law, JD 84. The campus looks so different now than in the 1970s!
      Generally, Don has great taste and great advice, though I suspect he’s soured on prologues from seeing too many done badly — I’m eager to peek at yours.
      I just checked the email link on my webpage and it worked for me, so let’s hope that was just a brief glitch; I ado appreciate you letting me know.
      All the best in this still-new year.

  2. So glad to connect – SU was a good place; Notre Dame JD is impressive!

    If you peek, I’m always interested in how the experiment works for readers.

    Hope your 2023 is great, too. So far it’s been… interesting. Lots of brain fog, but I just got a new assistant, and I get a lot more done with one.


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