Writing Wednesday — “There’s a video for that”

You may know this already — or not. People will post YouTube videos about almost anything. I just finished the 2022 Spice Shop mystery and when I wanted to know how the pandemic (“the P word,” as one character calls it, or “the time that must not be named”) affected Seattle’s Pike Place Market, I spent a Sunday morning watching YouTube videos. A vlogger (video blogger) who is rather boring so I won’t name him posts a video of himself walking through the Market the last Saturday of every month. Seeing the differences from February 2021 to June 2021 was really useful. Another vlogger focuses on downtown Seattle, including Pioneer Square, the CID — Chinatown International District, and South Lake Union. Yet another focuses on downtown coffee shops. Just go to YouTube and use the search function and you’ll be amazed — you name it, there’s a video for that!

2 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday — “There’s a video for that”

  1. Worked for me some years ago.
    Saved a bundle avoiding a trip to San Francisco (wife not amused) for ‘research’.
    Needed to know particulars of a neighborhood & whether street was sloped uphill.
    YouTube clip showed exactly what I couldn’t remember & I wrote the scene correctly.

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