Win a Food Lovers’ Village gift basket!


If you’ve read Death al Dente, you know that folks in Jewel Bay—including my sleuth, Erin Murphy—contribute generously to fundraisers to support the many needs of the tiny, unincorporated village—from the Food Bank to the Flower Basket Fund to scholarships to Adam Zimmerman’s Wilderness Camp.

New York Times bestselling author Brenda Novak is once again raising funds for juvenile diabetes research in her annual online auction, running through May 31. Erin and I are offering a basket of goodies you’d find at The Merc in Jewel Bay — if it existed off the page! — and a signed copy of Death al Dente or Crime Rib (winner’s choice).

Last year’s basket sold for $100. As of Thursday morning, with two days to go, this year’s prize is still a bargain at $60 — so dive in and contribute to a great cause, and reap the bounty! Two more days!

(Update: Link corrected now — it should go directly to my auction item. If it’s still glitchy for you, let me know in the comments.)

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