The Saturday Writing Quote: on story

03_Flowers1_Watercolor_WEB“In the entry into the world of imagination, from which all story springs, I believe that we come closest to the world of the spirit, and hence all making of story becomes a spiritual place. It is a place of the most intense solitude but also a place where the most intimate communal experience can be achieved: that of sharing story. Story is a place where meaning can be made and remembered. And story is also the creation of a vision: balancing what was with what might have been. Balancing what is with what could be. Balancing dark against light. Balancing joy and sorrow. … As writer, I am transformed in the making of story; the reader is transformed in the reading of story.”

— Eunice Scarfe, American-Canadian short story writer and teacher, in Marry Your Muse: Making a Lasting Commitment to Your Creativity by Jan Phillips (1997)


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