The Saturday Writing Quote — Loius L’Amour

“One of the best places to find stories is in the human instincts. If you want to touch people and make them feel, get down to the bedrock emotions, the fundamental instincts we all have, dormant though some of them may be. The desire for a mate, for shelter, for food, for money–those are problems we all understand, and all of us can feel. … Great need will always produce a story.”

– Louis L’Amour, in The Writer, June 1942 (1908-1988), still a bestseller after all these years

One thought on “The Saturday Writing Quote — Loius L’Amour

  1. I completely love Louis L’Amour’s work. I learned a lot from him growing up. Bendigo Shafter is a favorite of mine. I went back and reread it a few years ago and was amazed and very pleased at how much I still liked it. Fantastic writer.

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