The Saturday Writing Quote

Bitterroot Winter, by Rachel Warner (collection of the author)

“[L]ove what you do. If you don’t love it and find it all rather lonely because it is, find something else. Most of all, use what is already there. You cannot reinvent the conditions you are in, but these conditions are your fuel – anger, frustration, despair, revenge, love, silliness, need. and writing is your way to clarity, to understanding what is important. That is its power.

Know this in your heart. No one gives you power freely. You have to take it. Then own it. And whatever fee they offer you, ask for more.”
– Suzanne Moore, British journalist, The Guardian, “Find A Room of Your Own: 10 tips for women who want to write”

2 thoughts on “The Saturday Writing Quote

    • Thank you, Bryan, and thanks for the lovely mention in your column. I can’t tell you how many readers I’ve met at festivals, like the Festival of the Arts here in Bigfork, who say of my books “oh, are they like–” but they can’t come up with the name, and when I say “Diane Mott Davidson?,” they immediately say “yes, yes!” And I appreciate the shout-out for Laura Childs, the pen name of my cousin! Happy reading!

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