4 thoughts on “The Saturday Creativity Quote

  1. Yes, there can be moments of joy. When I saw who the blackmail check was written to in Dick Francis’ book The Reflex, I literally jumped up for joy. It was so unexpected and so happy that I enjoyed it very much.

    • I love this! When something comes together in the plot, whether we’re surprised or we say “I knew it!,” those moments of the puzzle pieces fitting together are a delight, aren’t they? Thank you, Jean!

      • But the recipient was totally unexpected, and changed the mind of the hero about the predecessor for the better. Again, a joy.

        Contrast that with the ending of another Francis novel where an alcoholic brother…well, that would be too much of a spoiler, but it was rather a downer surprise; and yet it fit the story

        • So many good examples of the way authors can bring a story together and the pleasure — the joy — that brings!

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