The Saturday Creativity Quote

“Indonesian artists say you should begin and end your work with a prayer of gratitude—it’s a more reverent kind of collaboration [than the assumption that you need to beat your art into submission].”

— Elizabeth Gilbert, American novelist and non-fiction writer, in Light the Dark: Writers on Creativity, Inspiration, and the Artistic Process, ed by Joe Fassler (2017)

2 thoughts on “The Saturday Creativity Quote

  1. Hello, I am listening to your book on tape, Treble at the Jam Fest. I am a forensic footwear examiner. You said something in the book that is kinda off about footwear evidence. If you ever want to know more about this topic to use in your books and need to ask information don’t hesitate to reach out. Once a person puts a shoe on and begins to wear it, any damage it receives makes it individualistic to that shoe. You can’t place a person in the shoe but you can say that one shoe over another made the impression. Also shoes are made, typically from different molds. You can tell this when looking at an impression if it is clear enough. Different stippling/texture patterns on the outsole as well as the elements being different sizes or located in slightly different locations can help you eliminate shoes based solely on the modes that they came out of. Tons of information that could help you in further books. 🙂

    Great story though! It has helped me get through the Covid19 Quarantine of 2020!

    • Thanks, Diane! Always tricky to get just the right amount of info on the page without going into too much detail. Glad you liked the story — you may know it’s the 4th in the series, and there’s one more, As the Christmas Cookie Crumbles.

      Stay safe.

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