The Saturday Creativity Quote — a gift to yourself

Earlier this month, I gave a presentation to the Authors of the Flathead, my local multigenre wrriters’ group, on Building Character. The members were very kind, even when I made them write in class! I’m a big believer in celebrating accomplishments, big and small, with a moment of recognition, and so I wrapped up by congratulating everyone for being there. For showing up for themselves and their writing. Creative work is not always valued in our culture, especially if it doesn’t lead to fame or fortune, or even publication, the easy markers of success. But I firmly believe that creative work heals us. It connects us. It matters.

And I want to congratulate you, too. Take a moment to celebrate your creative accomplishments this past year. Maybe you didn’t write as many pages as you’d planned, or finish the novel. Maybe you didn’t find an agent or a publisher, or sell as many books as you’d hoped.

We all find it easy to criticize ourselves. Please, take a moment to give yourself the gift of acknowledging what you did. If nothing else, you held the intention of being creative, and that matters. Give yourself a gift to support the work in the year to come: a class, a notebook, a new paintbrush. Time. Permission to take a risk. A partnership or collaboration. A subscription to a newsletter or podcast that teaches or inspires you.

And I’ll be write — HA! — right here with you, cheering you on.

6 thoughts on “The Saturday Creativity Quote — a gift to yourself

  1. Thank you SO much for this. I don’t get any of this here at home, so having someone that I’ve never met in person, only through THEIR creations say it has brought me to tears. I will pass this along over the weekend to others who may be in the same boat. Have a peaceful beginning to the New year. The Writing Gods (are there any?)bless you.

    • Sharon, you are so welcome. It can hurt not to get that support at home, but it sounds like you’re creating your own circle of support. It isn’t always easy, but it’s worth the effort. All the best to you, and with your WIP, in the new year.

  2. Thank you for your recognition of our struggles. I have been guilty of taking your posts ( here and in guppy-dom) for granted- never thinking to thank you for often posting the very insight or thoughts I needed at that moment. So backacha Leslie- grateful you show up every Saturday in my email!

    • Thanks for the Saturday morning smile, Kathryn — turns out, after a semi-sleepless night thinking too much and second-guessing myself — that your words are exactly what *I* needed to hear!

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