Thanks, Mystery Scene!

In the new issue of Mystery Scene, Jon Breen calls Books, Crooks & Counselors “a legal equivalent to D.P. Lyle’s books on medical issues in mysteries,” and says “[t]horough, well-organized, and authoritative, this excellent reference also has touches of humor.”

A novelist as well as an Edgar-winning critic, Breen particularly likes my favorite lawyer joke: “Did you hear the one about the lawyer who quit his practice to wrote a novel, because he wanted to make a lot of money?”

Thanks, Mystery Scene and Jon Breen!

4 thoughts on “Thanks, Mystery Scene!

  1. Ha! Loved the joke, and congrats on the wonderful mention. My husband was standing with a new acquaintance on the Gulf of Mexico beach when the other guy suddenly said. “I have a lot of friends out there.” He waved at the waves. “Who?” my husband asked. “The sharks.” “Oh,” my husband replied. “You’re a lawyer?” Yes, he was. With a sense of humor, I’m glad to say. They’re now really good friends.

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