Stupid Criminal Tricks

If you’re behind on your rent, and you live across the street from a bank, where you cash your paychecks when you’re working, don’t rob that bank to pay the rent. People will recognize you. And they may even watch when you go across the street to your apartment building and go inside. It’s also probably not smart to call attention to yourself by using a stolen $100 bill to buy a Gatorade for 2.99, and using other stolen Benjamins to pay the rent.

Just sayin.’

(Story from the Great Falls Tribune.)

6 thoughts on “Stupid Criminal Tricks

  1. Lordy,lordy, that fellow was not the brainiac he thought himself to be! There’s dumb, and then, there’s criminally dumb!!

    • Donna, that is crazy-funny. The only way to top it is if the roll of tp had been in the bank restroom! Alas, some of these stories are so eye-rolling that they would never be believed in fiction…

      • Geez, you would think he would have gotten rid of the “smoking gun” evidence, or in this case, the stinking toilet paper roll! It’s true,you just cannot make this stuff up!
        Years ago, when my brother was a brand new baby attorney,he accepted the case of a guy accused of robbing a bank. I had seen the story at the end of the local evening news. The alleged bank robber held up a bank at gunpoint. While retrieving his holdup note from his pocket,he left his wallet with his real ID in it on the bank counter ( mistake #1). After obtaining the money, he was backing out of the bank when he accidentally shot himself in the foot (mistake #2). Bleeding, he got out of the bank to his getaway car, only to find that the car would not start (mistake #3). By that time, thanks to the bank’s silent alarm, the police were there, ordering him out of the car! Mistake #4? Hapless would be bank robber getting out of bed that morning!
        As my brother said, there wasn’t a whole lot that he could do for him!

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