Saturday Creativity Quote — creativity and aging

Tranquility by Tabby Ivy — oil on canvas
(collection of the author)

Being creative is “having the ability to make unexpected connections, either to see commonplace things in new ways — or unusual things that escape the attention of others — and realize their importance,” as Georgetown University psychiatrist Norman Rosenthal describes it in this Washington Post article titled Creativity may be key to healthy aging. Here are ways to stay inspired. It isn’t limited to the arts, of course; there is much creativity in everyday activities, from rearranging the furniture to advising a teenager. And it may be a big boost to healthy aging. I can’t summarize the suggestions here — do read the article; it isn’t long — but what most struck me was the observation that we become truer to our vision as we age, able to solve problems, whether they involve pages, paint, or people, with less dependence on others’ expectations.

So it seems fitting to share a painting by an over-70 artist friend who got serious about painting after retiring from another career, and whose work sometimes turns expectations upside down

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  1. Thanks for the article suggestion. I’ve read about creativity for many years-that interest predates my exploration of creative writing. “Truer to our vision as we age” – may it be so!

      • Oh, my… so many to choose from and they change all the time. My latest favorite is the which lets you search for books set in different places. Great research and creativity tool! You can search by destination, author-guide, setting or book title. I love finding these little treasures online, especially during a pandemic when travel is difficult.

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