Malice Afterthought

Indulge me, please, in one more photo blog:

Six Guppy Agatha nominees: Daryl Wood Gerber (Best Short Story), Kaye George, Janet Bolin, and Rochelle Staab (all for Best First), Krista Davis (Best Short Story) and me (Best Nonfiction).



With Beth Groundwater and Liz Zelvin




With three other Best Nonfiction nominees: John Curran, AB (Barbara) Emrys, and Charlaine Harris. Michael Dirda joined us Saturday for the panel discussion and awards dinner.

(Thanks to all the friends who shared photos of such a memorable weekend: Dana Cameron, Janet Bolin, Liz Zelvin, Robin Templeton, Gigi Pandian, Sandra Parshall, and Dru Ann Love.)

2 thoughts on “Malice Afterthought

  1. Wonderful pics–I’m so happy to see some people I “know” on-line and now put their faces to their names. As a side note, what huge name tags! LOL: I guess they made it easier to see, which is a good thing. And I guess there might have been added info on them, like memberships, other things such as state a person is from or?

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