E-book sale on Assault & Pepper!

assault and pepper

Great news for readers who prefer to start a series at the beginning, or who haven’t yet taken the trip to Seattle with me! The e-book version of ASSAULT & PEPPER, first in my Seattle Spice Shop Mysteries, is on sale for 1.99 at Amazon,KillingThyme_FC.indd B&N.com, and Kobo!

Not sure how long this bargain will last — but I can tell you the fun continues this fall with the third installment, KILLING THYME, to be released in paper, ebook, AND audio on October 4!

Update: For those of you who love reading on paper, there’s also a price reduction on the 2d book in the series, GUILTY AS CINNAMON! 

8 thoughts on “E-book sale on Assault & Pepper!

  1. Thanks for your note, I always enjoy receiving your emails, especially the thought provoking ones. Good to have the legal perspective. Spice Shop mysteries are a favorite. Thanks, too, for your advice at New England Crime Bake last year. Kathy Straka

  2. Thank you for the head’s up about the price drop. I’m stopping by to say hi as part of #saveourcozies #readathon.

  3. Stopping by to say hi as part of #saveourcozies #readathon! I still need to wade through my TBR pile to get to your books, hopefully my local library has them in ebook format so I can catch up (my fine is too big to check books out right now—darn winter weather kept me from returning a huge pile on time). I can’t wait to get caught up so I can start impatiently waiting for the next installments! 😀

    • Thanks, Christine! Bummer about the library fines — my fine-risking bad behavior is ordering audio books, which take a while, and having two come in at once! Our library used to have a “food for fines” week when you could donate food for the local food bank and get your fines dropped, but now they’ve eliminated fines altogether, thank goodness! I hope you enjoy visiting Montana and Seattle with me!

      • Since I can’t go there in person, this will be the next best thing! Can’t wait! (Also wish our library would do away with fines, but I’m pretty sure that’s where most of their money comes from, other than Friends of the Library donations)

        • Tough times for libraries — increased usage, changing patron needs, and in many communities, reduced tax revenues. Thank goodness for Friends groups!

          Enjoy the books!

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