Collecting can be murder–Victoria Thompson–#bookgiveaway

VT - harpWe’re celebrating the upcoming release of my third Food Lovers’ Village mystery, BUTTER OFF DEAD (July 7—save the suspense and pre-order it now!), with a glimpse of some of your favorite authors’ prized collections.

MurderOnAmsterdamAveVictoria Thompson is the author of the Gaslight Mysteries, featuring midwife Sarah Brandt and police officer Frank Malloy, in turn of the century New York City. The latest is Murder on Amsterdam Avenue. Today, we’re peeking into Vicki’s closet…

“When Leslie asked me to join her in this event, I couldn’t at first think of anything I collect.  Through the years, I’ve seen lots of things I’d love to start collecting but nothing I was willing to dust for the rest of my life.  So I asked my husband, and he came up with a list:  shoes, jewelry, clothes… Well, I didn’t think of these as “collections,” but apparently, I was wrong!  The shoes definitely qualify. I probably own 100 pairs.  But it’s hard to get a photo, so here are my earrings.  Or rather, the ones that fit onto the harp.  I ordered it on the internet. It’s what stores use to display their wares.  It only holds about 100 pairs, though, so I also have a box and a cabinet for the overflow.  A funny memory, when I wanted to get my ears pierced, my dad (the son of immigrants) wouldn’t let me at first. He said only foreigners had their ears pierced!  He soon learned it was all the rage back in the 60’s and relented. The rest is history!”

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15 thoughts on “Collecting can be murder–Victoria Thompson–#bookgiveaway

  1. My mother thought it over very carefully in the 60’s and finally allowed me to get my ears pierced – by our family pediatrician. I had a large collection of colorful earring in the 80’s and 90’s. When I went to get rid of them my granddaughter asked for them, and she wear them frequently.

    • # 17 just came out, but Vicki says reading in order isn’t necessary — and I agree, having come to it a touch late myself. But you may love it so much you go back and read them all!

  2. Those of you who’ve read my Food Lovers’ Village series may remember that Tracy, the shop assistant, wears a lot of long, bright, wonderful earrings. She would love Vicki’s harp! And she’s in for a big change in BUTTER OFF DEAD ….

  3. Love this series. I’ve never thought about my earrings being a collection, but I do have quite a few pairs.

  4. I love this series! I’m so excited that there is a new book! Thanks for the opportunity to win. It would be amazing to own an autographed copy of one of the Gaslight mysteries.

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