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Kate Books and BeaversWe’re celebrating the upcoming release of my third Food Lovers’ Village mystery, BUTTER OFF DEAD (July 7—save the suspense and pre-order it now!), with a glimpse of some of your favorite authors’ prized collections.


Kate ThisOldHomicide_HR (2) - high resToday, we get a glimpse of one of Kate TheBookStopsHere_final those unintended collections with Kate Carlisle, author of the Bibliophile Mysteries—her newest paperback is THE BOOK STOPS HERE (I read it last winter and it’s terrific!) and RIPPED FROM THE PAGES will be out in hardcover June 2. Her new series is the Fixer-Upper Mysteries, starting with HIGH-END FINISH and THIS OLD HOMICIDE.

“Boy, is Leslie ever right when she says “Collecting can be murder!” While my collections haven’t led to homicide (yet), they’ve gotten seriously out of hand. Okay, you total get why I collect old books, right? After all, I write the Bibliophile Mysteries. But the beavers? My protagonist, bookbinder Brooklyn Wainwright, would advise me to keep my book collection away from beavers, but somehow, I wound up collecting both. There’s a story behind the beavers, and I’m sure many of you can relate. Once upon a time, I told a friend I thought beavers were cute. Shortly thereafter, she saw a beaver tchotchke and gave it to me as a joke. Another friend saw it, didn’t realize it was a joke, and gave me a second. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera…

And there you go… beavers and books. Natural enemies.

The moral of the story? If you think something is cute, keep it to yourself!”

Kate high-end-finish-210h


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43 thoughts on “Collecting Can Be Murder – Kate Carlisle – #bookgiveaway

  1. I have a whole lot of animal figurines because my parents started bringing me back some when they traveled and then other people started giving them to me too.

  2. I hate when that happens!!! I think those beavers are really cute, but I like… actually I’ll take Kates advice and keep it to myself! I read the Bibliophile books, but I have never read any of the Fixxer-Upper books so I would love to win a copy! Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Never would have thought to combine books and beavers ;-), but now that I think about it I have an odd assortment of things nestled in among my books and on a large tray on my desk. Good advice to keep it to yourself! Enjoy all your series and having fun with these collection blogs, Leslie.

    • The tray is a great idea — a way to corral those bits that seem to find their way to us. And to put a favorite tray to use at the same time!

      Glad you’re enjoying the glimpse of authors’ collections — more to come!

  4. I love the beaver story. Thank goodness my only collections are books and concert ticket stubs. I hate dusting, so knick knacks aren’t my thing. Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. Posted for Jenne Turner:

    My mother has a similar story to your beaver story but hers had a twist. She received one owl and wanted to place it so the gift giver would see that she liked it but she didn’t want to have to see it all the time so she placed it in the guest bathroom. So other guests to our home would see the owl and think that they should get my mother an owl. Soon that bathroom and about 25 owls on the counter top. One guest soon commented that it was tough to go with all those eyes watching her and so soon after, the flock started disappearing or outright breaking until the counter was clear again.

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