Collecting can be murder–Daryl Wood Gerber–#bookgiveaway

Daryl WG.jpgWe’re celebrating the upcoming release of my third Food Lovers’ Village mystery, BUTTER OFF DEAD (July 7—save the suspense and pre-order it now!) with a glimpse of some of your favorite authors’ prized collections.

Today, a peek behind the scenes with Daryl Wood Gerber, author of the Cookbook Nook mysteries, aka Avery Aames, author of the Cheese Shop mysteries. Today’s winner will get a signed copy of the 4th Cookbook Nook mystery, FUDGING THE BOOKS, out August 4. You know how some collections come about because your friends and relatives once heard you say you like something? Here’s Daryl’s comment on that:

fudging-3d“How I WISH people would send me cookbooks!!  I have collected cookbooks through the years because I fell for something on the cover. I’m an easy mark. No kidding. My mother really never had cookbooks. She didn’t learn to cook until after college, and all her recipes were on cards from family members. I still have some of those. The first cookbook I bought with my own money was Gourmet, Version I. It’s still a go-to cookbook for me. True for all cookbooks, I love looking at the pictures and dreaming my recipes will turn out as beautiful. I enjoy reading the recipes and the histories and learning the techniques. I have not made nearly one-tenth of the recipes in the books, but a girl can dream. I’m partial to dessert cookbooks. I love sweets. Over the years, I’ve really racked up a collection of gluten-free cookbooks, too. Being gluten-free has been a challenge, but I’ve learned to make most recipes, including the biscuits in the Gourmet cookbook gluten-free. And they’re great!!”

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41 thoughts on “Collecting can be murder–Daryl Wood Gerber–#bookgiveaway

  1. My kitchens have been too small to do justice to a proper cookbook collection – a problem I hope to correct in my next home! I look forward to having more time (and space) to cook!
    Thanks for the giveaways!

    • That is so smart! (Says the woman whose collection includes TWO fat binders and a nearly foot-high stack of recipes torn from magazines and newspapers and printed off websites!

  2. I also collect cookbooks even though I really don’t have enough room to do them justice. Thank you for the giveaway!

  3. I have two bookcases in my kitchen and they are stuffed with books and pages torn out of magazines.. Love trying out new recipes and finding something brand new that my family falls in love with. I also love to tweak recipes to make them my own.

  4. I have well over 100 cookbooks. I got 3 cookbooks as wedding presents (36 years ago) and the next thing I know I have a huge collection. I still look up recipes online. I guess I am a recipe addict.

  5. I love this series, I have quite a few cookbooks, my tried and true is a Better Homes and Garden one. I also was notorious for cutting recipes out of magazines, now with pinterest, it’s much easier to organize them but my “want to try” is a lot more than my “tried”, LOL.

  6. I am a sucker for cookbooks – the old traditional ones, those that were gifts, something with a fun cover, those addressing a health need I have . . . and on and on. Plus my mom’s old cookbooks and recipe cards and the cookbooks she compiled herself. And did I mention all the recipes I’ve torn out of magazines? And copied from cozies? Currently enjoying the new Cozy and MWA cookbooks.

  7. The original New York Times Cookbook is my favorite. My mom gave it to me when I was in college in the 70’s and I found one at an estate sale for my daughter. There have been revisions and newer editions but the original by Craig Clairborn (sp?) is my favoritie. I use BHG for some of the measurements and simpler things. Actually though I don’t cook anymore lol

  8. This series is on my TBR list. I’d love to win the latest.
    I don’t have a huge cookbook collection. I’m making my own as I go along with favorite recipes from a variety of places.

  9. I started out collecting cookbooks but somewhere along the way I stopped. I didn’t have as much time to cook and tended to make most of my favorites when I did have time. I also learned to make lots of casseroles and added what I had without worrying about exact amounts.

    • Your comment reminds me of watching a chef-friend ready ribs for the grill. She just threw handsful of herbs on them, saying you can’t get too much! We stopped worrying about exact amounts after that! (Except in baking, of course!)

    • Church cookbooks! What a treasure trove they can be — of a community as well as its recipes! Good for you, finding and hanging on to those!

  10. I love cookbooks, but my mother collects them and I just look at them. She has several really old German ones that she loves. I used to collect all sorts of things, plant books, Beatrix Potter items, carousel horses, and plants as well as a few other things. But when I moved back home I got rid of most of that. Now I am just happy with a good book (any of the ones you ladies write works, lol), my sweet rescue Tyler and a handful of candy.

    • Oh, I bet those German cookbooks have some fabulous cakes, tortes, and cookies! What variety of dog is Tyler?

  11. I have quite a few cookbooks. I love meal planning and spending hours pouring over them, especially some of the older ones. It’s fun, plus you learn a lot of flavor combinations.

  12. My favorite cookbook to read is I Hate to Cook Cook Book by Peg Bracken. I tend to cook from recipes online but I like to look through my cookbooks.

  13. I don’t even know how many cookbooks I have. Two book cases full. I love my mother’s copy of the original Betty Crocker cookbook

  14. Since I have been staying at my parents and helping them out, I have started reading cookbooks. I always thought this was an odd habit. I really prefer baking and am now collecting the old recipe files from my grandmother and great-grandmother. If my house ever sells and I can buy one here, I hope I can get a kitchen that I can work in.

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