Character tools: cameras that determine the age of bruises

This segment of a new video series by Notre Dame highlights the development of a new camera that can detect the age of bruises, particularly important to doctors who treat children who appear to be victims of child abuse. How can your characters advocate for, use, or resist such technology in your story?

5 thoughts on “Character tools: cameras that determine the age of bruises

  1. That would be quite important to help determine if children were being abused. Of course, it might have been a problem for me with my #2 son, who was quite accident prone. Sometimes I think he will never grow out of it and he’ll be 49 next week. Right now he’s still limping from a motorcycle accident he had at the end of August – massive road burns, 2 broken bones in his ankle and a broken collar bone and cracked rib. Of course, it wasn’t his fault. 🙂

  2. This would be great to have IRL and for our novels!

    Gloria, I was highly accident prone, falling down a lot or off bicycles and have finally gotten over it, probably when I was older than your son. In the meantime, can we take that motorcycle away from your son? I’ve lost a few people that way.

    My husband used to say it was not relaxing to bicycle with me as when I was behind him he’d hear a thud…

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