An expanded tool for law enforcement — increased access to Skype

Changes in technology are now making it easier for law enforcement to eavesdrop — with a court order — on Skype chats, though not on audio and video calls.  

This Washington Post article gives the details on expanded access by law enforcement to chats and user data, as well as some of the privacy issues.  According to the article, surveillance of the audio and video feeds still isn’t practical. I wonder how long it will take for that to change.

How will your fictional law enforcement officers use this expanded access? How will your other characters — and not just the bad guys —  respond?

2 thoughts on “An expanded tool for law enforcement — increased access to Skype

  1. It would seem that if they can legally eavesdrop on Skype chats, then they can eavesdrop on any chats. I wonder if this is going to be nationwide…seems big brother may be watching anything at all. Eventually we will have no modesty I think. Not sure yet how to incorporate it in my writing, but will definitely remember this. Thanks for sharing!

    • Di — it’s always been legal, WITH A WARRANT, which requires probable cause. (Shouting for emphasis.) But technology kept some info largely inaccessible — and that’s what’s changing. The law hasn’t changed, and warrantless “eavesdropping” remains illegal.

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