A Police Chief Shares 5 Myths About Police Officers

Time for one more blog post from NW Sidebar, the Washington State Bar Association blog. This one is perfect for crime writers: the chief of police of Bremerton, Washington shares his responses to 5 myths about police officers. I’ll give you the myths and let you read Chief Steve Strachan’s responses on the blog.

Myth #1: Cops don’t like attorneys.

Myth #2: We focus only on getting the bad guy.

Myth #3: Officers mostly have military backgrounds.

Myth #4: We spend all of our time fighting crime.

Myth #5: Cops are all cynical.

7 thoughts on “A Police Chief Shares 5 Myths About Police Officers

  1. Myth 5: I love the photo of the cop taking a gallon of milk to a family barricaded in its home after the Boston Marathon bombing.

  2. Police work is one of our most mythologized professions. Readers can learn more about the realities of police work plus what it’s like to be married to a cop by reading my book “I Love a Cop: What Police Families Need to Know.” I also wrote, “Counseling Cops: What Clinicians Need to Know” with two colleagues, both of whom are retired cops. It’s meant for anyone who counsels police officers and/or their families, but it may be a useful resource for mystery writers who want to get it “right.” Thanks for a good column.

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