Guest post guidelines

I welcome guest blogs from fiction and nonfiction writers and experts in law, medicine, forensics, law enforcement, and more. My goal is to provide information fiction writers —  including novelists of all genres, short story writers, screen writers, playwrights, and TV writers — and nonfiction writers can use in the quest to get the facts write.

Post content: I’m looking for content on a subject matter of interest to writers for use in their work. I’m not looking for information on craft, publishing, or publishing law — important as those topics are, they’re better addressed elsewhere.

If you’ve got expertise in the law, medicine, police or fire investigation, forensics, psychology, forensic anthropology, or the like, pitch me a post that gives writers information they can use. Common mistakes, new developments, daily life as a judge, ER doc, fingerprint examiner, firearms analyst, or in a similar professional field – all welcome.

Drop me a line to discuss your idea before sending me your post, to leslie AT lesliebudewitz DOT com . Do your homework: check my site first, and be sure your description tells me why your post will be useful to writers, especially fiction writers. Include your credentials and your website address, so I can do my homework. I am looking for posts from writers and experts who can inform other writers about the law and related fields — I am not interested in posts from “content services.”

Scheduling the date: Guest posts typically run on Tuesday or Wednesday, but other days are possible.

Post length and format: 300 to 800 words, please. The strongest posts use short paragraphs, bullet points or subheads, and clear structure. Links and relevant photographs (with appropriate permissions and credits) are a bonus. Once we’ve agreed on a topic, email the post as a Word attachment or paste it in the body of your email.

Extras: Guests are welcome to plug their books in a bio at the end or in the post itself. Also welcome: an author photo, cover image, and website or blog link.

Deadline: Please send all material at least five days before the scheduled post date.

In addition: Please be available to respond to comments from readers.

Promo: I’ll promote the post on Facebook, Twitter, and these listservs: Sisters in Crime (SinC), SinC Guppies, Crimescenewriters, DorothyL, and EMWA. Please promote the post on all your usual channels.

No book reviews: Although I do occasionally post a few comments on books I’ve enjoyed, Law & Fiction does not review books or run reviews written by others.