More pictures from Malice Domestic!

Ah, Malice! Not just a fond memory, but a really great convention. Better late than never, three photos from my Sunday morning panel, Cooking Up Murder, with panelists (L to R) Daryl Wood Gerber (aka Avery Aames), Nancy Parra (aka Nancy Coco), and Peg Cochran (aka Meg London), and moderator Maya Corrigan (in the middle, in red). All four panelists write two series — Nancy writes three — but I’m the only one using the same name for both. (Photo credit: Greg Puhl. Maya wrote the trivia questions.)

Cooking Up Murder - 2Cooking Up Murder - Culinary Mystery TriviaCooking Up Murder - panel setting


Malice Domestic 25

Malice Domestic celebrates the traditional mystery–and those who write, read, sell, publish or otherwise enjoy it! A few photos from the 25th Annual Malice, in early May:

Malice 2013 with Daryl & Debra

With Debra Goldstein and Daryl Wood Gerber (aka Avery Aames). Daryl, Peg Cochran, Nancy Parra, and I had a fun panel discussion, “Cooking Up Murder,” talking about kitchen disasters, why our mysteries  are filled with food, how we create the recipes, and more.


Malice 2013 with scarf


Showing off “that scarf!” Isn’t it fab? A gift from my  friend Lita, whose late mother-in-law had a marvelous collection of hand-painted silk scarves from the 1960s, created by a California designer who signed herself “Helène.”




Folio authors

“Paige’s pages:” Connie diMarco (writing as Connie Archer), Paige Wheeler (our agent), Ellen Byerrum, Linda O. Johnston, Nancy Parra, me, and Roberta Isleib (writing as Lucy Burdette)


(Photos from Debra Goldstein and Connie diMarco)