Kings River Life — review, essay & book giveaway

Do you know the online magazine Kings River Life? You don’t? Check it out! Editor Lorie Ham loves mysteries, and publishes mystery stories regularly. She also reviews mysteries and gives away books. This week, check out the review of Books, Crooks & Counselors, and my essay on writing the book. And if you don’t have a copy yet, enter her drawing for a free book — thanks to the publisher, Quill Driver Books!

a mystery story for you

In lieu of this week’s post on a legal topic, I have a small gift for you.  Kings River Life reprinted my short story, The End of the Line, originally published in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine in Dec 2006.

My husband and I were traveling in Greece, exploring the stone towers of Vathia, on the tip of the Mani Peninsula, when I spotted a spent shotgun shell on the dirt path, and wondered how it got there … .

Think of it in honor of Father’s Day, if you like. Enjoy!