Have Talk, Will Travel!

I love talking to readers and writers! If you’d like me to visit your library, book club, or writers’ group, or give a presentation at a writers’ conference, drop me a note at leslie AT lawandfiction DOT com  I can talk about Death al Dente, my first cozy mystery coming out this summer, common mistakes writers make about the law, the cozy mystery, characterization, setting, selling that first traditionally published book, the writing life … and more!


Most recently, I participated in the Humanities Montana Festival of the Book, giving a short talk and reading from Death al Dente, and participating in a panel discussion with four other writers of fiction set in Montana.

And if you don’t know me and want to be sure I can string two sentences together without sounding like I’m strangling a giraffe, catch me on the radio! My interview on The Write Question, a program of Montana Public Radio, broadcast live this week, but can be streamed or downloaded as a podcast. It was producer Cherie Newman’s 251st author interview in 6 years — can you imagine?

And thanks for considering me!

On the Radio-o-o-oh!

The Write QuestionMy first radio interview airs this week, Thursday, Oct 17 at 7:30, on The Write Question, a program of Montana Public Radio. It’s also available on the MTPR website for streaming and download as a podcast.

(Warning: It’s all about Death al Dente and the role of food in fiction, so you might want to eat before listening.)

(Thanks to Chérie Newman, Producer. Twas a lot of fun, and I’m definitely available for other interviews elsewhere — drop me a line at leslie at lesliebudewitz dot com.)