A not-so-stupid criminal trick

Thieves in Port Townsend, Washington went after $100,000 worth of bronze from old ships that were stored in a local foundry, most likely to sell as scrap. The brilliant touch? They spray-painted the foundry’s windows black so no one outside could peek in and see what they were up to. 


Full story, with pics of some of the stolen fittings, on the Three Sheets Northwest blog — also the source of the photo of a beam knee.


4 thoughts on “A not-so-stupid criminal trick

  1. That’s a fascinating story, Leslie. The part about painting the windows black sounds like something a writer wouldn’t dare use in a mystery–it seems so unlikely that someone would do that and pull it off, but it actually happened. But what a shame–a business suffers a possibly fatal loss, just so that someone can sell carefully crafted items as scrap.

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